Saturday, May 21, 2011

{Get the heck into Dodge!}

Dodge City, that is.
My husband and I took a short week-end excursion to Dodge City, KS recently. A friend of ours rode a train in from the Bluegrass State to visit us. So, we made the short drive from our home to pick him up.
Never ones to miss an opportunity to sight-see, take pictures, eat at new restaurants or SHOP (well, that’s mainly me), we decided to do a little exploring to pass the time before we met our friend at the train station.
Since neither of us had ever been to Dodge City before, we found that there were lots of interesting things to do and historical sites to visit. It was a short but sweet trip (and fun!) and I took lots and lots of pictures.
Is that your train, my friend? Alas, it was not.

A unique windmill we encountered along the way.
This windmill was actually part of an approximately half mile display on the side of the road on the drive to Dodge City. The sign stated that it was the “largest junkyard in the west” or something like that. Another view:
We made it to the Boot Hill Hotel & Museum with just enough time to get a good look around. The museum, which is a replica of Front Street, was built in 1947 as a way to commemorate the Old West way of life. It is a hands-on exhibit, with actual displays of saloons, blacksmithing and a general store. Unfortunately for us, the exhibits weren’t active yet. We may have to go back again in the summer!
A marker at the Boot Hill cemetery. I couldn’t get a good picture because of the sun. Poor Edward Hurley. Do you think if he lived today, he’d receive the same punishment? Probably not.

This is Front Street, the replica of the Old West storefront.
We also drove down to the Santa Fe Trail. You can actually STILL see the path and ruts in the land where the early settlers brought their wagons in. We actually passed up the entrance to the historical marker for the trail. TWICE! It was located smack dab in the middle of farms and houses; it was odd to see how things have just grown up around it.

Can you see the ruts in the road in this picture? That’s high plains short grass too, in case you didn’t know. I didn’t.

More wagon tracks along the fence line. Can you see them?
This little birdie serenaded us the whole time we were visiting the Santa Fe Trail, so I had to take a picture of him. For such a little guy, he sure was loud.

Entering Dodge City after leaving the Santa Fe Trail.

On the way back home, we saw an old theatre that has been restored. Isn’t it beautiful? My picture doesn’t do it justice.

Look at the architecture and the iron work. Love it!

One last picture. Because I love barns. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. I thought this red one was particularly lovely though.

I hope you enjoyed our trip. I know I did. If you’re ever in the area, you should make a trip over to Dodge City. It has become a bit commercial, but all in all, still full of historical places to see.
Until next time.
TTFN friends,



Anonymous said...

Some of those pictures brought back memories of my visit to see you guys! Thanks for the hospitality, not to mention the WONDERFUL cake!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Susan, thanks for stopping by to say hello. So glad you found my blog & loved it. Welcome to blogging! It's a fun journey & you will meet so many wonderful people out there. Just visit & comment & you will make friends.

Looks like a fun trip for you. I've never been to those Western towns like that, but they look very interesting.