Friday, May 20, 2011

{Punctuation Love & Other Stuff}

Here are some things you may or may not want to know about me as I am writing and you are reading this blog:
1.       I love exclamation points! In my opinion, they are the most under-rated form of punctuation. What better way to express your enthusiasm about things? You will see many an {!} in my writing, as I get excited about things and want to share it with you!!!!!

2.       I like to use (  ) in my writing to share an aside or comment related to what I’ve written. Also, because I am self-diagnosed with ADD, I get side-tracked easily and feel the need to share. Oh, look…there’s a butterfly…..

3.       I get excited about the smallest of things. A sale on toilet paper? YES! (See, I told you I love exclamation points!)  I find an “antique” to go with my collection for a mere $1.00. That would make my day! Maybe even my week! YAY!!!

4.       I like to use humor in my writing. I don’t take myself too seriously and don’t really enjoy people who do. I have a self-deprecating tone when talking about myself. That must’ve come from my up-bringing. I’ve always been taught to be humble (pronounced umble, in case you didn’t know. It’s a Southern thing). I have also been told by someone who shall remain nameless {my husband} that if I was half as funny as I THOUGHT I was, I’d be hilarious! I’ll take that as a compliment! Nevertheless, I haven’t let that stop me. I continue to foist share my joyful humor with the world.

5.       I’m a very modest person. That’s another reason I’ve been holding off on starting a blog. Parts of me think “Why would anyone want to read something I’ve written?”, while the other parts of me think “Oh, get over yourself and get to it!”  Finally, those were the parts that I listened to.

6.       I love to LOVE things. Seriously. I’m an optimistic person. If I didn’t have optimism, I may not have gotten through some things in this life! I like my glass half full, my eggs sunny side up and my attitude positive. I’ll never understand why there is so much negativity in this world. Bad attitudes and negativity really get me down, so I try to keep a positive attitude in life and be nice to people. So, if you hear me saying that I LOVE this or I LOVE that, I’m not kidding. Seriously.

TTFN, my new-found friends!

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